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Von:Tobias Kind (
Betrifft:Re: data file conversion [Finnigan-->HP=GCQ2HP]
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Datum:2000-09-22 11:20:14 PST
Rich Yelton wrote:

} Does anyone know of any software available capable of
} converting Finnigan format data ( .ms files) into HP format (.d files)?

Dear Mr. Yelton,

yes - if the files are in ITS40 format (from Finnigan GCQ) you can use
GCQ2HP GCQ2HP converts Finnigan GCQ Ion-Trap files (ITS40) to HP
Chemstation files.

And the best: it is zero quid (marks/bucks) - if you have a GCQ. Yes its

GCQ2HP is for those people who used the IonTrap and got (some) trouble
with the support (not the software) and where hangig between an old
program and the unfinished MassFrontier (cool tool). Sorry for my 10

If you have only Incos 50/500, TSQ 70/700 go for the other programs
suggested on the bottom of the GCQ2HP page.

Or again, use AMDIS (can also read *.ms).

With kind regards
Tobias Kind

PS: Why do YOU wanna convert Finnigan files today ?
Think you are heretical :-)


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