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Von:Tobias Kind (
Betrifft:Re: Toxicity of nitro PAH
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Datum:2002-04-06 17:24:31 PST (Jose M. Santos Picallo) wrote in some messages
and news:<>...

Jose M. Santos Picallo wrote:

>which method/s are the best for the determination of nitro-PAH?
>Can somebody explain in deept these methods? ...
>Hi, im searching some information about 3-nitrobenzathron and how is
>generated for a diesel engine. ...
>im researching about nitroPAH and oder combustion gases from diesel
>engines. Im interesting in their toxicity (from example in the Ames
>Test). Also im interesting in some information about particle
>measurement devices (SMPS) and particle generator (CAST).

Dear Manolo,

again I have to peddle with the literature section I made (esp.)
for you:

If you can afford some bucks you should buy or read two
very compact books. They contain all (most) information
you want and cover most of the fields of modern PAH research.
             -----                       -------------------
The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry Vol3/Part J
Neilson, A.N., (Ed.)
PAHs and Related Compounds

The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry Vol3/Part J
Neilson, A.H., Stockholm, Sweden (Ed.)
PAHs and Related Compounds
Biology (With contributions by numerous experts)

With kind regards
Tobias Kind

Por quÚ no das una vuelta a la biblioteca?
Te he buscado tantos libros. Cˇmo te puede
ayudar alguien si no te ayudas a ti mismo?
!Que te diviertas investigando!

PPS: Yes they are green and expensive :-)

Contents: R.G. Harvey: Environmental Chemistry of PAHs.-
A. Colmsj÷: Concentration and Extraction of PAHs from Environmental
- D.L. Poster, L.C. Sander and S.A. Wise: Chromatographic Methods of
for the Determination of PAHs in Environmental Samples.-
M. Howsam and K. Jones: Sources of PAHs in the Environment.- B.R.T.
Simoneit: Biomarker PAHs in the Environment.- A.H. Neilson and P.-A.
Hynning: PAHs: Products of Chemical and Biochemical Transformation of
Alicyclic Precursors.- A.A. Herod: Azaarenes and Thiaarenes.- D.
Mackay and D. Callcott: Partitioning and Physical Chemical Properties
of PAHs.- J. Arey: Atmospheric Reactions of PAHs Including Formation
of Nitroarenes.
Contents: A.H. Neilson and A.-S. Allard: Microbial Metabolism of PAHs
and Heteroarenes.- E. Cavalieri and E. Rogan: Mechanisms of Tumor
Initiation by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Mammals.- R.
Jankowiak and G.J. Small: Analysis of PAH-DNA Aduccts - Fluorescence
Line-Narrowing Spectroscopy.- R. Ramanathan and M.L. Gross: Mass
Specrometry Techniques: DNA Adducts of PAHs and Related Carcinogens.-
T.C. van Brummelen, B. van Hattum, T. Crommentuijn and D.F. Kalf:
Bioavailability and Ecotoxicity of PAHs.- G.-J. de Maagd and A.D.
Vethaak: Biotransformation of PAHs and Their Carcinogenic Effects in
Fish.- D. Delistraty: A Critical Review of the Application of Toxic
Equivalency Factors to Carcinogenic Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic
Hydrocarbons in Mammals.

Bargain section:

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