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Von:Tobias Kind (
Betrifft:Re: Nitro-PAH determination
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Datum:2002-04-04 06:01:51 PST
Dear Jose ,

>1) which method/s are the best for the determination of nitro-PAH?
>2) Can somebody explain in deept these methods?

Depends on your available devices
with HPLC or CE : fluorescence, electrochemical, chemiluminescence
with GC-MS: chemical ionization or EI in positive or negative mode
with LC-MS: ESI, APCI in positive or negative mode

If you only have some known targets  go for HPLC or LC-MS. The reduction
step to amines in HPLC may be problematic or time consuming.

If you have complex samples go for GC-MS in SIM or MS/MS mode. But also
during this analysis you need a cleanup step.
I got best results with low signal/noise ratio in MS/MS mode.

*2) I made a page with some literature with abstracts for you:

or try:
google and search for: "nitro PAHs" filetype:PDF

*3) If you search additional publications about
3-nitro-7H-benz[d,e]anthracen-7-one (3-nitrobenzanthrone)
you can also search the Elsevier database

With kind regards
Tobias Kind

Nitro-PAH, Nitro-PAHs
776-34-1  1-Amino-4-nitronaphthalene  602-60-8  9-Nitroanthracene
20268-51-3  7-Nitrobenz[a]anthracene  63041-90-7  6-Nitrobenz[a]pyrene
86-00-0  2-Nitrobiphenyl  2113-58-8  3-Nitrobiphenyl
92-93-3  4-Nitrobiphenyl  7496-02-8  6-Nitrochrysene
5410-97-9  3-Nitrodibenzofuran  6639-36-7  2-Nitrodibenzothiophene
892-21-7  3-Nitrofluoranthene  86-57-7  1-Nitronaphthalene
581-89-5  2-Nitronaphthalene  17024-19-0  3-Nitrophenanthrene
82064-15-1  4-Nitrophenanthrene  954-46-1  9-Nitrophenanthrene
5522-43-0  1-Nitropyrene  33685-60-8  9,10-Dinitroanthracene
2436-96-6  2,2'-Dinitrobiphenyl  N/A  2,8-Dinitrodibenzothiophene
5405-53-8  2,7-Dinitrofluorene  31551-45-8  2,7-Dinitro-9-fluorenone
606-37-1  1,3-Dinitronaphthalene  605-71-0  1,5-Dinitronaphthalene
602-38-0  1,8-Dinitronaphthalene  75321-20-9  1,3-Dinitropyrene
42397-64-8  1,6-Dinitropyrene  42397-65-9  1,8-Dinitropyrene
129-79-3  2,4,7-Trinitro-9-fluorenone  98-95-3  Nitrobenzene
88-72-2  2-Nitrotoluene  121-14-2  2,4-Dinitrotoluene
606-20-2  2,6-Dinitrotoluene  51-28-5  2-Nitrophenol
100-02-7  4-Nitrophenol  51-28-5  2,4-Dinitrophenol
88-74-4  2-Nitroaniline  99-09-2  3-Nitroaniline
100-01-6  4-Nitroaniline  534-52-1  4,6-Dinitro- o-cresol
607-57-8  2-Nitrofluorene

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