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Von:Tobias Kind (
Betrifft:Re: Need info from CAS ---> (YES), sci.chem, sci.chem.analytical
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Datum:2001-04-18 09:58:41 PST
Dear Fred,

> secoisolariciresinol (CAS # 29388-59-8) is obtained from the stinging

...maybe its too late

I think you can not buy this chemical but you can ask the group in Finland if they
donate or sell you something.

Or you can ask for the original synthesis.

or other experts (Prof. Herman Adlercreutz).


You can also find a synthesis of  Secoisolariciresinol at

Oxidative cyclisation of 3,4-dibenzyltetrahydrofurans using ruthenium
R. S. Ward, D. D. Hughes / Tetrahedron 57 (2001) 20572064
Department of Chemistry, University of Wales Swansea, Singleton Park, Swansea SA2

(compound (13) 3.1.5) --> please ask for reprint :-)

Maybe you already know ChemIDPlus form NIH -  for toxicity you can have a look
(with CAS or name) at

and you can also search for Secoisolariciresinol in Delphion (world patents and US

With kind regards
Tobias Kind

PS: hope you avoided hoarding flax seeds... :-)
PPS: sorry for the search engines...

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Georgia State University <>
Atlanta, GA


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