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From: Tobias Kind (tk2002deja@amdis.net)
Subject: Re: indinavir & nelfinavir reference standards
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Newsgroups: sci.chem.analytical
Date: 2002-05-01 16:43:45 PST
mrueckert@web.de (markus rueckert) wrote in message news:<1c009c31.0205010318.3ed95783@posting.google.com>...
> Hi,
> for reference studies in an analytical laboratory we need
> indinavir sulfate and nelfinavir as pure (not formulated) drug
> standards.
> I've contacted many commercial drug standard suppliers, unfortunately
> no one could help. before I want to contact the producing drug company

Dear Markus,

Without warranty (including CAS numbers):

159989-65-8 nelfinavir mesylate..: - synchem ohg
159989-64-7 nelfinavir...........: - agouron//warner lambert//pfizer//(roche)

157810-81-6 indinavir sulfate....: - synchem ohg//merck sharp & dohme-chibret
180683-37-8 indinavir............: - moravek biochemicals//abott   

With kind regards from LE
Tobias Kind


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