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From: Tobias Kind (tk2002deja@amdis.net)
Subject: Re: HP Chemstation MS Library consolidation
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Newsgroups: sci.techniques.mass-spec
Date: 2002-05-24 06:35:05 PST
Chris B <BAUDECB1@EARTHLINK.NET> wrote in message news:<acg6ah$fbj$1@news-int.gatech.edu>...
} Is it possible to combine several libraries into one, later to be
} converted to another system using e.g. MassTransit?
} eg: combine 2 or more Finnigan and then convert them to another system
} like Shimadzu?
} -= Chris B =-

Bonjour Christian,


If you use MassTransit you can convert your library to 
the HPJCAMP (JCAMP-DX) format.
As this is a text based format you can do a simple 
copy lib1.hpj+lib2.hpj > biglib.hpj (under DOS/WIN).
Or you combine both versions with a text editor.

In the next step you convert your "big JCAMP library" to
the format you want.

This is applicable to all library interconversion formats

You can see the JCAMP format at www.jcamp.org
There is a testdata.zip with 3 mass spectra example files (isas_ms1.dx).
See http://www.jcamp.org/testdata.html

If you want a "smart search" for mass spectra you should
use the NIST MS-Search program.

Tobias Kind

PS: If you want to combine your HP Chemstation
*user* libraries you do not need MASSTRANSIT.

Download the free LIB2NIST (library conversion software)
from http://chemdata.nist.gov/mass-spc/Srch_v1.7/
Also try the NIST MS Search Demo. 

Convert you Chemstation user library to HP-JCAMP
with LIB2NIST. Copy your libs to one file.

Go to the Chemstation Parametric retrival mode
Import the JCAMP file via
Library/Read JCAMP file.


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